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Connecting Maroondah



A community initiative to spread kindness and network with locals to offer support during the pandemic and beyond


Connecting Maroondah aims to:

⇒ Engage local community in a meaningful way
⇒ Spread kindness
⇒ Connect to and support local businesses
⇒ Support those in need in our community
⇒ Encourage sustainable practices

Do you live work or play in Maroondah?

We’re here to help people in Maroondah to be informed, connect, network and rebuild, following the disconnection created with pandemic restrictions

Connecting Maroondah Podcast

A podcast to connect people in Maroondah, highlight important and interesting local news, fun facts, special offers and events, including the October 2020 Council Elections.

We cover local initiatives, well-being, sustainability in Maroondah and more.

Meet our hosts

Jess Egobi

Jess Egobi


Jess has lived in Maroondah for over 30 years. She is an avid sustainability advocate, co-ordinates locally grown fruit and vege boxes for the Eastern Region Food Co-Operative, and works as a teacher in Maroondah.

Chris Rosser

Chris Rosser


Chris has lived in Ringwood for 10 years and is a member of Transition Towns Maroondah. He is a professional writer, novelist and blogger.

Jess Ness

Jess Ness


Jess has family history in Maroondah and has lived here 14 years. She supports sustainability initiatives in Maroondah with kinder and school committees, playgroups, community groups, business and local Council.

Regular episodes with local events and news

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Recent Episodes

Meet prospective Councillors for Maroondah’s local elections

Learn their values, views and what they represent. 

#1 Connecting Maroondah

In the first episode of Connecting Maroondah, host Jess Egobi and Chris Rosser talk about what's on in Maroondah, including the upcoming 2020 Council Elections. Co-Host Jess Ness interviews Donna MacKinnon, candidate for the newly created Wonga Ward.Links mentioned in...

Maroondah Election Candidates

We here at Connecting Maroondah, in collaboration with Transition Towns Maroondah (TTM) have noted an increase of interest in local council matters and the upcoming elections. Sharing information provided by prospective Councillors seeking our votes is important...

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